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Our Vision

A Cameroon in which every youth is healthy, gainfully employed and participates actively in peaceful and sustainable nation building.

Our Mission

AFCIG is a youth-led organization that exists to enable Cameroonian youths attain economic and socio-cultural independence by:

a) Promoting the active participation of youths in peace building and sustainable public policy formulation and implementation.

b) Supporting youths technically and financially to attend school or vocational training and gain self-employment through entrepreneurship promotion;

c) Promoting good physical and psycho-social health among youths.

How we work towards the attainment of our mission:

To accomplish its mission, AFCIG:

a) Develops and implements programs to promote good health, peace, education, vocational training and entrepreneurship, and political participation;

b) Builds the capacity of youths to develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills;

c) Educates and engages youths actively in the fight against bad governance and HIV/AIDS;

d) Promotes gender equity by incorporating good gender equity principles in its programs;

e) Advocates for the creation of an enabling environment within which youths can develop;

f) Properly manages the funds entrusted to her by members and donors to achieve goals.

Donors & patners