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AFCIG has three values:

i) Beneficiaries first!

We exist for the youths we serve; we must always place their interests above that of all others.

ii) Informed action

Youths are the leaders of today. Every youth should endeavour to take concrete actions to bring about change.Such actions should be constructive and positive.

iii) Believe:

Yes we can! Yes we will! Yes!

In line with our values, we pay attention to the following priorities:

Where resources are scarce, we prioritize support to children and youths who fall in one or more of the following categories:

i) Orphans;
ii) School drop outs;
iii) Street Children;
iv) Single teenage mothers;
v) Persons living with HIV/AIDS and those most at risk of getting infected;
vi) Victims of human rights violations including violence against women;
vii) The disabled;
viii) Slum dwellers;
ix) Ethnic minorities;
x) Internally displaced persons and other disadvantaged persons.

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